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Here is another movie trailer to help you learn/practice English:
Spirited Away

Here's what you do:
  1. Click on the video below.
  2. Watch the first 1:50 of the trailer, and pay attention to it! (You can pause and rewind the video).
  3. Answer the listening comprehension questions below the video.
  4. Check your answers.


1. Why doesn't the woman want her husband to take a short cut?:
  Because they're lost
  She does want him to take a short cut
  Because this always gets them lost

2. The boy tells the girl to leave:
  before it gets dark
  before the sun comes up
  before her parents come back

3. How does the sorceress control people?:
  By stealing their money
  By stealing their clothes
  By stealing their name

4. What does the girl ask the ghost with the white mask?:
  If he wants to come in
  If he's getting wet
  If he can understand her

5. What does the girl want to do to Haku?:
  She needs her shoes and clothes
  She wants to help him
  She wants to talk to him



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