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Welcome to our ESL blog archive! Unfortunately, due to time constraints, and the many other projects we are involved in, we won't have time to add any new entries. The archive below does have some very useful questions and answers, however, so feel free to browse through these. :)

Most of the explanations are based on American English usage. The examples are often (although not always) valid for British English as well.

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February 10, 2009: Very + excellent, great, etc.
February 09, 2009: Thank you very/so much
February 07, 2009: To strike a chord, to strike out
February 06, 2009: "Them" instead of "him/her"
February 05, 2008: To create/make/generate/write a report
January 14, 2009: I like it there/I like being there
January 13, 2009: To be taken on/hired/brought on
January 12, 2009: It's about time he came/he should come
January 11, 2009: Please find the enclosed brochure/Please find enclosed the brochure
October 16, 2008: Election terminology: Idioms relating to campaigning and elections
October 15, 2008: To stick it out, to stick to something, to stick around
October 14, 2008: I wish I were there/I wish I would be there
October 13, 2008: Crank it up
July 25, 2008: Talking about the weekend
July 24, 2008: No worries, Don't worry (about it)
July 23, 2008: Other uses of the word 'dead'
July 22, 2008: Ever-changing idioms
June 30, 2008: To get carded
June 29, 2008: Feeling good and feeling well
June 25, 2008: "I like" versus "I'm liking"
June 24, 2008: "To follow your nose" and other idioms noone uses
June 18, 2008: To freak out/"She freaked out on me"
June 17, 2008: To be beside oneself
June 14, 2008: What's the difference between "that does it" and "that'll do"?
June 11, 2008: To do an about face
June 10, 2008: Anyhow, anyway
May 7, 2008: Crazy, crazed, craze
May 6, 2008: To be off
April 28, 2008: Loaded
April 18, 2008: To meet, to encounter, to come across, to run into
April 14, 2008: I decided against going/I decided to go
April 3, 2008: I would rather you come/came: Subjunctive tenses in English
March 27, 2008: To beat someone to the punch
March 25, 2008: The difference between "different" and "another"
March 19, 2008: Is "stand-up comic" the same as "stand-up guy"?
March 17, 2008: Get it over with
March 12, 2008: What have you been smoking?
March 10, 2008: Stove, oven, range... what's the difference?
March 7, 2008: What does "tacked-on" mean?
March 6, 2008: Fast or quickly?
March 4, 2008: Person, people, persons
March 3, 2008: How not to use the word "credit"

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