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Gaydar (n.): The ability to tell whether or not someone is gay. ex: "My gaydar was a little off. I was sure he was straight."

Gawk (v.): To stare (stupidly). ex: "Those hicks were gawking at us."

Geek (n.): A (slightly) strange person who is obsessed with things such as music, electronics, video games, etc.

Get (v.): To understand ex: "I don't get it.", "I don't get him."

Get a kick out of (something): To enjoy (something)ex: "Why does he get such a kick out of watching her suffer?"

Get/have cold feet: To decide not to do something because one is scared ex: "They were going to elope in Vegas, but his fiancee got cold feet."

To get one's fix (of something): To obtain something necessary, especially a dose of a drug or anything else one feels that one really needs. ex: "I got my daily fix of the Simpsons."

To get one's mind off (something): To stop thinking about (something). ex: "The night out really helped me get my mind off my problems for a while."

Get to the point: To be direct ex: "Stop beating around the bush and get to the point!"

Gig: Concert (when talking about musicians/bands); An acting engagement (when talking about actors)

Give (someone) goosebumps: To make someone's skin "stand" due to emotion, fear, etc. ex: Every time I hear that song, it gives me goosebumps"

Give me a break: This phrase can be used to 1) express disbelief at something you think is untrue ("You went out with Miss America? Give me a break!", or 2) to express disbelief that something is ridiculous (but true), expensive, etc. ("$2000 per month for this apartment?? Give me a break!")

Glitzy (adj.): Fancy, expensive ex: "A glitzy hotel"

Glued to one's seat: To be "glued to one's seat" means to be so interested in something that one is unwilling/unable to move from where one is sitting.

\ (To be) a go: To happen. Most often heard in expressions sucha as "It's a go." (It's going to happen), "I thought it was a go" (I thought it was going to happen), etc.

Gonna: Short for "going to". ex: "I'm gonna call you tomorrow."

Gotta: Short for "have got to" or "have to". ex: "I gotta go."

Go with (v.): To choose. To decide on. ex: "I'm gonna go with the blue shirt." (I've decided on the blue shirt.)

Go with the flow (v.): To accept things (the way they are).ex: "I'm just gonna go with flow and see what happens."

Grass (n.): Marijuana; Pot.

Gross (adj.): Disgusting. ex: "That's gross!"

Grub (n.): Slightly rude term for "food".

Gut: Belly. ex: "I lost my gut when I stopped drinking beer."

Guts: Courage. ex: "You don't have the guts to do that."

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